TENNISEREKET BLADE 98 (18×20) V8 305g

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Reketi kaal 305 g
Materjal Braided Graphite+Basalt
Pea suurus 632 cm²
Pikkus 68.58 cm (27in)
Keelestus 18×20
Keeled ei
Käepide Nr 2 ja 3
Testreket ei

Reketile lisandub keelestu hind ja keelestamise töötasu 10 EUR

Tutvu Wilson reketite valiku juhendiga siin

  • String pattern (18×20) optimizes string durability and generates stiffer response for enhanced touch and precision
  • FORTYFIVE° increases flexibility and stability to produce a more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the modern, vertical swing path used by most competitive players
  • DirectConnect extends the carbon fiber handle to connect directly to the end cap for improved feel and enhanced torsional stability
  • Dynamic, color-shifting elastic finish allows frame to morph between shades of green and copper
  • Top Grip Taper provides better feel for top-hand grip placement
  • Ergonomic End Cap yields improved comfort and playability
  • Braided Graphite + Basalt composition improves the flex of a racket to produce enhanced feel and control
  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
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