CLASH TNS RKT 25 (240g)


Hinnad sisaldavad käibemaksu

 Reketi kaal 245 g
Materjal Alumiinium
Pea suurus 642 cm²
Pikkus 63.05 cm (25in)
Keelestus 16/19
Keeled Jah
Käepide Nr 0


The face of Wilson’s latest racket innovation for juniors, Clash 25 pumps up your confidence on every stroke. This super flexible frame features 3D Bending, a proprietary carbon mapping construction that allows the frame to bend in new dimensions for longer ball dwell time, free-swinging accuracy and uncompromising power. Torsional Bending preserves stability through the swing motion, giving you the ultimate feeling of confidence and control on the court.

  • Parallel DrillingGrommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.
  • 3D BendingRevolutionary frame technology utilizes proprietary carbon mapping to allow racket to bend with maximum flexibility and stability regardless of swing style, giving players the ability to swing confidently and freely with superior ball pocketing and ultimate control.
  • Vertical BendingVertical bending of racket frame increases ball dwell time on string bed for players with more modern, vertical swings.
  • Horizontal BendingHorizontal bending of racket frame creates industry-leading flexibility for enhanced control on more traditional, horizontal swings.
  • Torsional BendingTorsional bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize frame flexibility on off-center hits.

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